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Frequently Asked Questions

Mid America Search – the Insurance Recruiter. And one of the world’s best Insurance Recruiters.

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Questions arise from time-to-time, for both Candidates as well as for Employers.  Below, we have attempted to provide our version of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) that have come up over the decades of our Recruiting operations.

Certainly additional questions, of which we never thought of, can present themselves at times.  Should you incur questions for which we’ve not listed in our FAQ page, we would greatly appreciate your input.  Please feel-free to make use of the Contact Us Form below.  Such input can assist us in further refining our FAQ page.

Thank you for making use of our website.

Who pays for the services of Mid America Search?

The Client Company pays for the services of Mid America Search. We work with the Company to craft an agreement that works for all parties. To fill the job requests, we identify, locate and attract Candidates who fit the job.

Why should I work with Mid America Search?

Mid America Search serves as a confidential search intermediary. We only divulge a Client or Candidate’s name with their permission. Our extensive Client and Candidate contacts in the insurance industry lead to success.

What do you want to see in an application?

We want to see a resume and cover letter or email.

What do you want to see in a resume?

We need your contact information, education, industry training and your job experience. Show your accomplishments. Quantify your results where possible. Be concise and avoid duplication. Make it your best sales presentation.

As a Candidate, how do I work with Mid America Search?

Should you see a job(s) please feel for to Apply for the job(s). Contact us if you have any questions. By submitting your resume, we will consider you for current and new searches. Be patient with the job market. A job you want may surface immediately or it could take 6 months to one year. Establish this relationship. We will then contact you when a good job match opens up.

What kind of jobs does Mid America Search handle?

We focus on direct hire jobs in the insurance industry. On occasion, we place Contractors with an Insurance Company. We also place Insurance related jobs (e.g. with public entity, medical or risk management firms).

How often should a Candidate check in with Mid America Search?

Contact us when you have a question. Otherwise, feel free to check in quarterly or every 6 months. We will contact you with select jobs.

Where does Mid America Search operate geographically?

The Company, founded in West Des Moines, Iowa in 1974, works with Clients and Candidates both nationally and around the world.

What level of jobs does Mid America Search handle?

Mid America Search works on all level of jobs from entry level professional to C-Level Jobs.

How long does it take Mid America Search to fill a job?

Mid America Search’s jobs are often filled within 90 days. Yet, we place some jobs immediately. Others may take longer than 90 days.

How long does it take Mid America Search to find a job for a Candidate?

This varies a great deal. If the Candidate fits a current available job, it may happen immediately. Otherwise, Mid America Search will keep looking until successful. Experts have estimated it would take one month to find a job for every $10,000 of the paycheck you would like to earn. So, in theory, if you were looking to earn $60,000 a year, your job search could take six months. It could happen much quicker. It could take longer.

Does Mid America Search work with entry level Actuary jobs?

We encourage Candidates for entry level actuary jobs to reach out to us.

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