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Welcome to Mid America Search, a company whose presence and assistance to the world’s Insurance industry is a storied history since 1974. Mid America Search endeavors, through its hard work and dedication, to add significant value to the global Insurance industry. Our website’s goal is that you enjoy an informative and rewarding experience, which results in substantive professional growth. See Featured Jobs on this page. Also see Insurance Resource Links on this page.

A Confidential Search Intermediary Serving the Insurance Industry Since 1974

Below is a brief overview of our site’s contents.

In visiting Available Jobs you are able to view the Job openings Mid America Search is currently participating with its Client organizations in an effort to fill.  It goes without saying, meeting the demands of our Client’s recruiting requirements brings front and center the principle notion: “Time is of the essence”.  Also please note, the Job opportunities listed on the Available Jobs page are regularly being updated.

The Curated Job Lists page provides the Titles for our current Curated Job Lists. Clicking on a List Title will take one to that List. Each List consists of Jobs with commonalities such as similar required skill sets, akin industry disciplines and functions, or comparable credentials’ requirements.

In visiting About Us you will learn, in more detail, comprehensive information regarding both the professional services, as well as the rich history, of Mid America Search.  The About Us page also explains our company’s areas of recruitment concentration in the Insurance industry.

The Contact Us page lists the variety of manners in which you can contact Mid America Search.

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