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Actuarial Executive, Financial Modeling & Reporting | Profile 12194

A dedicated ASA, MAAA, actuarial professional with 20+ years of experience seeking a challenging role to leverage strong actuarial and leadership skills in a competitive environment. Aims to drive organizational success through a positive attitude and effective work-related skills.

Skills & Abilities

  • Proficient in financial modeling using PTS, MG ALFA, and Prophet.
  • Experienced in US GAAP reporting, GAAP/STAT earnings forecast in the U.S. market, and Insurance Capital Standard and IFRS 17.
  • Strong skills in Visual Basic, MS Access, and SQL.


  • Led the actuarial department focusing on U.S. GAAP reporting, new treaty modeling, business planning, and local regulatory reporting.
  • Managed a team of over forty actuarial staff, overseeing financial modeling, valuation, and the IFRS 17 taskforce, ensuring effective control and governance.
  • Directed the adequacy of $200B reserves, long-term strategic planning, and refined the internal economic capital model under the new solvency regime.
  • Conducted financial modeling of individual life products, GAAP/STAT earnings analysis, asset adequacy tests, and impact studies of assumption updates.
  • Oversaw quarterly embedded value reporting, business planning, source of earnings analysis, and annual U.S. GAAP valuation and reporting.
  • Priced group life products, conducted Guideline Premium Test and Cash Value Accumulation Test on Group UL, and managed dividend reserve on survival income benefit.
  • Maintained group valuation systems, handled policy and claim reserving for various medical products and group insurance types, and prepared quarterly GAAP and annual statutory reports.


  • Master of Science from a reputable university's College of Business Administration.
  • Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Actuarial Science, graduated with honors.


  • Demonstrated expertise in financial modeling, reporting, and forecasting for the U.S. and International markets, significantly contributing to strategic planning and compliance.
  • Successfully managed and developed a large actuarial team, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in control and governance.
  • Played a pivotal role in overseeing the adequacy of substantial financial reserves and refining internal models for regulatory compliance.
  • Applied technical skills in Visual Basic, MS Access, and SQL to improve data analysis and reporting processes.

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