Senior Director, Corporate Actuarial

Senior Director, Corporate Actuarial

Job# 2807

Location:  NE

Education Requirements:  Bachelor’s degree in actuarial science or related field required.

Other Requirements:  In addition to Education, requirements also include:

  • FSA.
  • MAAA.
  • Also, satisfaction of the continuing education requirements of the actuarial profession on an annual basis.
  • In addition, 8 to 10 years of experience in actuarial valuation and financial reporting.
  • Furthermore, Detailed knowledge of, and experience with, all aspects of an insurance company including policyholder service, product pricing, dividend philosophy, and statutory/tax financial work.
  • Ability to make decisions and commitments with minimal instruction.
  • Desire to continually keep updated on industry developments, regulations and products.
  • Ability to interact well with people, both within the home office and with agents and consultants.
  • Supervisory abilities.
  • Excellent personal computer skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Office, CASE, ALFA, or similar valuation and projection software.
  • Professional oral and written communication skills required.
  • Ability to work well with pressures of frequent deadlines and conflicting priorities.
  • Also, effective planning, organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills required.
  • Talent required in mission, focus, positivity, leader, business thinking, delegator, persuasion, profit orientation, competition, caring, relationship, exactness, recruiter.

Salary Range:  $132k to $165k DOE + 15% target bonus

Description:  This job has overall responsibility of Corporate Actuarial functions and reports to the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.  Oversees and participates in the preparation of financial statements, valuation reports, cash flow testing, ALM and experience studies.  Provides direction and supervision for Corporate Actuarial associates.  Maintains knowledge of current industry developments, regulations and products.  Performs work using methods and procedures with discretion and limited by policies set by administrative or legislative authority.  Serves as the Appointed Actuary.  Furthermore, with the description discussed above, duties and responsibilities include:

  • 40% Leads the functions of the Corporate Actuarial department, which includes:
    • Preparing financial statements, producing statutory and tax valuations, and performing cash flow testing and ALM modeling.
    • Also, overseeing the development of experience studies by providing formulas, checking for accuracy and providing technical assistance.
    • In addition, making recommendations and informing management of the financial impact of company strategies and tactics.
    • Furthermore, providing oversight and support in the implementation of new and revised products to company valuation and projection systems.
  • 30% Performs work using methods and procedures with discretion and limited by policies set by administrative or legislative authority, which includes:
    • Performing work of Appointed Actuary to certify adequacy of reserves.
    • Also, updating company experience studies to develop and analyze expense, mortality, morbidity, and persistency experience.
    • In addition, maintaining current interest rates on company systems.
  • 20% Provides direction and supervision to the Corporate Actuarial team, which includes:
    • Also, managing department operation and associates.
    • Answering questions in general or on a specific policy basis concerning values, rates, assumptions and procedures.
  • 5% Maintains knowledge of current industry developments, which includes:
    • Keeping current with new technology and ideas by reading trade publications and attending seminars.
  • 5% Performs other duties as assigned.

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