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Data Science & Machine Learning Manager Job

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Data Science & Machine Learning Manager
Job# 2746
Location:  WI
Education Requirements:  MS degree (PhD is preferred) in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Engineering Actuarial Science or related field or equivalent designation, such as FCAS.
Other Requirements:  Include:

  • Basic Knowledge and Skills:
    • Management or leadership experience required.
    • Experience providing customer-driven solutions, support or service.
    • Demonstrated experience communicating business implications of complex data relationships and results of statistical models to multiple business partners.
    • Experience formulating, approaching, and solving problems in massive, complex datasets.
    • Public speaking and use of appropriate presentation skills.
    • Interfacing with business clients and partnering with business stakeholders to create solutions.
    • Demonstrated experience performing advanced statistical analysis, including generalized linear models, decision trees, neural networks, etc., to discover business insights and develop predictive models.
    • Demonstrated experience with statistical and modeling software tools, such as SAS or R.
    • Experience focus on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Preferred candidates will have:
    • Strong project management, leadership, and cross-functional collaboration skills.
    • 2+ years of experience leading, mentoring and managing a team of data scientists/engineers.
    • Experience leading end-to-end Machine Learning/AI projects at the enterprise level would be a plus.
    • Deep theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in machine learning, statistics, optimization.
    • Experience with full stack AI/ML tools such as PySpark, Scikit, Numpy, deep learning frameworks, Hadoop, etc.
    • Graduate degree in computer science/engineering, operations research, mathematics, and 6+ years of related experience or a PhD and 4+ years of related experience.

Salary Range:  $122k to $199k plus 15% target bonus
Description:  This position is responsible for overseeing the research, development, and analysis of advanced statistical models that support various areas of the business, such as pricing, marketing or underwriting.  Oversees development of new analytical techniques and ensuring appropriate application.  Oversees discovery of new insights and potential analytics applications through investigative research into large and complex datasets.  Collaborates within the division and cross-divisionally to develop and integrate statistical models into various processes.  Monitors industry trends in analytics and investigates new concepts, ideas, and data sources.  Responsible for management of the on-going portfolio of analytical engagements as assigned.  Job duties and responsibilities include:

  • Model Research & Development (55%):
    • Oversees the research and development of new advanced statistical models that support various areas of the business, such as pricing, marketing or underwriting.
    • Oversees development and application of advanced statistical concepts.
    • Oversees discovery of new insights and potential analytics applications through investigative research into large and complex datasets.
    • Oversees research project planning including data gathering, software requirements, timelines, workflow, etc.
    • Keeps abreast of significant developments within the industry and develops strategies that allow the company to take advantage of those opportunities.
    • Leads exploration of new concepts and data sources to deliver innovation for the business.
    • Oversees the testing and validation of statistical models.
    • Oversees the development and testing of data to support research.
    • Collaborates internally and cross-divisionally to formulate analytical applications that help solve business problems.
    • Oversees the most complex and vital analytics work critical to the organization.
  • Model Integration & Communication (20%):
    • Responsible for the delivery of research findings to business partners to assist in the management of business performance and operations.
    • Collaborates with business partners to implement new models and the development of integration strategies, including monitoring of analytics applications post-implementation.
    • Leads analytics projects or components related to large, complex business initiatives.
    • Works closely with business stakeholders to identify and answer critical questions.
    • Provides knowledge transfer and training to business areas regarding new analytics applications as part of implementation process.
    • Provides knowledge transfer and training on new modeling tools and methodologies to less experienced staff.
  • Management/Leadership for Department or Unit (15%):
    • Manages direct reports, systems, and projects to achieve department/unit goals in accordance with Company policies and practices.
    • Prepares and analyzes department/unit plans and reports.
    • Provides leadership by exhibiting influence and expertise, thus affecting the results of the operating area.
    • Creates an effective work environment by developing a common vision, setting clear objectives, expecting teamwork, recognizing outstanding performance, and maintaining open communications.
    • Develops staff through coaching, providing performance feedback, providing effective performance assessments, and establishing performance and development plans.
  • Strategies Linked to the Division's Business Goals/Results (10%):
    • Establishes, communicates, and implements departmental plans, objectives, and strategies.
    • Participates as a member of the Management Team.
    • Maintains an active awareness of our Client's business environments, corporate culture, and structure to support key decision-making.

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