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National Secretary Job

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National Secretary
Job# 2742
Location:  Cleveland, OH
Education Requirements:  Bachelor’s degree in related field from accredited college or university.
Other Requirements:  Include:

  • Insurance License/Certification a plus.
  • 10+ years of experience in demonstrating managerial, organizational and communication skills.
  • Experience in an insurance organization and specifically with life insurance operations a plus.
  • Experience working with a non-profit or fraternal board of directors.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite and various proprietary software.
  • Demonstrated staff management skills.
  • Demonstrated project management skills in a deadline-driven work environment.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Relates well to people, orally and in written form.
  • Works cooperatively with all members of the team, establishes rapport and steps up to assist others.
  • Time management.

Salary Range:  Negotiable
Description:  The National Secretary directs specified operating activities of the Association in accordance with the purpose, objectives and operating goals of the Association.  The National Secretary works in close collaboration with the National President and other members of the management team.  The National Secretary maintains functional responsibilities for certain operational departments and fulfills the statutory role of Corporate Secretary.  Job duties and responsibilities include:

  • Departmental Functions:
    • Maintains required certifications and assures statutory and regulatory compliance.
    • Directs the activities of the following functions:
    • New business (insurance underwriting).
    • Promotions and insurance agent administration.
    • May oversee Reception area.
    • Hires, develops and evaluates the performance of all staff members within the above functional areas.
    • Provides sales support to National Sales Manager.
    • Inputs to the annual operating budget.
    • Secures reinsurance, as necessary.
    • Resolves customer complaints on a timely basis.
    • As appropriate, facilitates approval of applications for membership by Medical Examiner.
    • Participates as member of IT Steering Committee and evaluates administrative software and hardware changes for the purpose of improving productivity and accuracy across the operation.
    • Meets with other department managers on a regular basis to ensure that all departments are working in concert and goals are being met.
    • Attends various fraternal activities of the branches and districts, as needed.
    • Other duties as assigned by National President.
  • Board/Compliance Functions:
    • Serves as Secretary as required by state’s non profit statute and fulfills the responsibilities of this role for the Association.
    • Attends quarterly Board of Director meetings and Executive Finance Committee meetings.
    • Ensures that the Association maintains complete books and records of account together with minutes of directors and committees, as directed by the Association’s Board of Directors.
    • Provides certification regarding Board of Director minutes as requested.
    • Distributes minutes to all Board Members for approval in a timely manner.
    • Distributes convention minutes to all delegates, once approved.
    • Provide minutes to outside auditors and state examiners as appropriate.
    • Publishes annual and four-year reports for the convention.
    • In conjunction with the National Treasurer, provides the National Auditors a monthly financial report.
    • Serves as non-voting “staff” to the Executive Committee and published report of the Executive Committee in the magazine.
    • Signs member insurance checks; Annual Statements; various state reports.
    • Serves as Association’s agent for service of process in states in which company is licensed and serves on Association’s Fraud SIU (special investigative unit).
    • Signs corporate checks, corporate contracts, as required; and, serves as bank signatory.
    • Carries out duties relating to the National Convention as required.

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