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Welcome to the current Curated Job Lists page, or list of jobs, offered by Mid America Search.  The links below are the List Titles for these current Curated Job Lists.  Clicking on a List Title will open a new browser window and take you to that particular List.  These Lists are somewhat like a job skills list in that each List is made up of Jobs with commonalities such as similar required job skills or sets.  In addition, there would be other job factors such as shared job industry disciplines and functions, or comparable credentials’ requirements.  In other words, within each List is a job title list that also contain all the other relevant information for that specific job title.  That relevant information is the job location, the job educational requirements, the job other requirements, the job salary range and the job description.

Because Mid America Search serves the entire Insurance Industry, and not solely one job type or job function, it allows us to compile a wide array of various, enriching Lists.  Let’s say, for example, Mid America Search has job openings in Sales and Marketing both in Life insurance as well as Property & Casualty insurance.  In those cases, we would compile lists of those insurance jobs where the duties and responsibilities would center around commonality.  For instance, the jobs that pertained to internal sales, both in Life insurance as well as Property & Casualty insurance, would each become a List of jobs.  That is, one for the Life jobs and one for the Property & Casualty jobs.  Further, for the overall Sales and Marketing function which would be seen as external, regional or the territory management area, Mid America Search would compile Lists of those type of job openings; one each for Life insurance as well as Property & Casualty insurance.

Moving over to the Actuarial function, in both Life insurance as well as Property & Casualty insurance.  Mid America Search would approach its List creation in the following manner.  We would view the financial area, the valuation area, the modeling area and the reserving area to be under the broad grouping of Corporate.  The other broad grouping would be Product and areas under Product would be product development, pricing, marketing actuaries and product management.  For example, actuary jobs that had job titles such as Appointed Actuary, Financial Reporting Actuary, Corporate Modeling Actuary and Valuation Actuary would compose a Curated List since they would be considered under the broad grouping of Corporate.

Trustfully our discussion has explained Mid America Search’s approach to our Curated Job Lists.  Thank you for visiting our Curated Job Lists page.  We hope your time spent here is rewarding as well as educational.  Please return often since new Lists will be available on a regular basis. Thank you again.

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