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The Mid America Search Blog is always working to construct new, thought-provoking posts. Many insightful and forward-thinking discussions will emanate from the Mid America Search Blog.

The Mid America Search Blog will provide many opportunities going forward. Topics the Mid America Search Blog may delve into would be. Discussions about the State-of-the-Industry. What we see as trends in the Industry could be posts. Also, our company has decades of Insurance Recruiting experience. Thus, we may pontificate on the history, as we see it, of search work in the Industry. Another topic could be. Posts dealing with the professional disciplines of the world’s ever-changing Insurance Industry. Also, those professional disciplines in industries related to the world’s Insurance Industry.

Other topics the Mid America Search Blog may explore would be. Academic and educational programs related to the world’s Insurance Industry. We’ve interacted with thousands of Candidates and Clients over the years. Thus, we have a first-hand understanding of how academic and educational programs impact the Industry. In addition to the academic and educational programs, we may write posts about the Industry’s various certification programs. Finally, a topic for posts could be on how one is able to enter the Insurance Industry.

We encourage you to leave comments and get involved in the conversation. The world’s Insurance Industry will likely be the better for the insightful dialogue. This will come from the community that will evolve because of the Mid America Search Blog. We welcome you to join our gathering.

Please check back often. Our blog post construction crew will be working night-and-day. The goal is to craft unique and highly educational writings.

Thank you for your valuable time.


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Deb Murray

Deb Murray

I help Client Companies, primarily in the Insurance Industry, to identify, locate and attract talented Candidates to their organizations. This involves leading, and recruiting for, one of the premier Executive Search firms that specializes in Recruiting for the Insurance industry and its related operations such as Information Technology, Managed Care, and Risk Management. My goal is to help both Client Companies and Candidates find lasting and rewarding matches.

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