Life Insurance Case Manager

Life Insurance Case Manager job with exceptional Company! Most noteworthy, our Client is a local 44-year-old family-owned company. So, are you a life insurance professional looking to join their company family and be able to flourish and excel. Do you have experience in life insurance case management? Do you take pride in your work? Are you able to work independently and as part of a larger team, interact with customers from all over the country and strive to deliver the most outstanding customer experience every single day? Would you enjoy having the following?

  • Above all, fast paced and Family oriented work environment
  • Furthermore, very Competitive Salary
  • Employer sponsored profit-sharing plan
  • Furthermore, generous PTO plan
  • Health, Dental, Vision Insurance 401K Plan with guaranteed match Employer Sponsored life insurance
  • Employer Sponsored Long and Short-term Disability Coverage
  • Rotating Friday off schedule in the summer
  • And More!

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The Ideal candidate for this Life Insurance Case Manager job would possess the following traits:

  • Above all, past experience in the life insurance case management field
  • A winning attitude and a desire to learn and grow in a new position
  • The desire to deliver the best customer service experience every day
  • Strategic and critical thinking with an emphasis on problem solving
  • Good written and verbal communication skills with customers and co-workers

Position Summary

Our Client is a family-owned national insurance marketing organization offering life insurance, annuities, long term care and disability insurance products to financial professional across the country. The primary purpose of this Life Insurance Case Manager position is to track and manage new life insurance applications through the underwriting process acting as an advocate for our customers to obtain the most competitive risk assessment possible. This includes informing the producer of the progress of the case and to assure placing the policy inforce within the company’s time guidelines. Works under supervision of the AVP with a certain degree of initiative expected.

Essential Functions

  • Above all, respond to all incoming calls promptly, professionally and in a warm and courteous manner. Return calls within 4 business hours, doing your best to return all calls before leaving for the day.
  • Furthermore, respond to all incoming e-mails promptly, professionally and in a warm and courteous manner.
    • Above all, all e-mails from a producer’s office should be responded to in 4 business hours.
    • Furthermore, all other e-mails should be handled in 24 hours.
    • Finally, all e-mails need to be sent without more than one identifier, sent via TLS or sent securely using em4 secure e-mails.
  • Also, update assigned cases with current status:
    • When a case is being reviewed or updated, always check carrier status via daily download or internet status to confirm the case is as current as possible.
    • Check vendor status via Internet (Includes APS, IR, MVR and exam orders).
    • Request I Obtain new requirements as requested by the carrier within 24 hours
    • Provide producer with status updates as changes occur.
    • Manage task bar and keep up to date within 24 hours
    • Call the producer’s office with new information, which was not anticipated:
      • Follow up the conversation with an e-mail if the agent needs to obtain additional information, if a lot of information was provided in the call, and if a voice message was left for the producer.
    • Cases documented with all conversations and e-mails incoming and outgoing by either phone or e-mail.

More Essential Functions

  • Update Malady Tab in Milton:
    • Check off each applicable malady (and fill in details where required)
    • Use Malady Notes to summarize underwriting details obtained.
  • Verify carrier approval and / or tentative quote is justified:
    • Use Underwriting tools provided (Pru Manual, GenRe, Carrier Medical Underwriting Guides, On-line Comparison tab, etc.)
    • Check if health credits can apply
    • Discuss with team or in-house underwriter
    • Call agent with decision if other than as applied.
    • Provide agent with written documentation of the offer, why it is justified or options for other carriers, if available. If no other options, advise why no other better options.
  • Prior to closing a case be sure to exhaust all appropriate avenues which could include:
    • Discuss with Team
    • Discuss with in-house underwriter
    • Send out quick quotes and / or discuss with home office underwriter
    • Offer other options to the producer, such as reducing the face amount, changing plans, eliminating riders, etc.
    • Make a clear and concise case note advising why the file was closed in Milton.
  • Request updated illustrations from Marketing as necessary, via Milton
  • Final follow up for confirmation policy inforce at the carriers.
    • Verify Policy Date with Carrier
    • Verify Mode of Payment and Premium
  • Check and manage Case Aging report bi-weekly
  • Keep within cycle time goals
    • App Date of receipt to Policy Approval date with an average < 30 calendar days
    • Policy Delivered to Inforce date with an average < 25 calendar days

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Above all, maintain expertise and knowledge of current carrier guidelines and rulings in new business.
  • Furthermore, gain knowledge in the insurance industry and underwriting medical information by continuing LOMA education and medical terminology courses.
  • Listen and verbally communicate with agents, co-workers, and home office staff
  • Also, operation of standard office equipment.
  • Finally, may require additional job-related responsibilities,

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