How to Handle a Counter Job Offer

Woman has stern, questioning look in a meeting.Information on counter job offer handling below is a guide. Furthermore, it is a set of discussions and observations based upon insurance recruiter activities conducted by Mid America Search over the past 45 plus years. Our seasoned recruiters have dealt with counter job offers numerous times. Our Candidates are most often highly-skilled. Therefore extremely valued staff members to their current employer; thus counter job offers sometimes occur.

The reader needs to think about the process at hand. The post’s intent is to set the seriousness of the process. Furthermore, it will assist in preparing for handling counter offers. Counter offers may come in the form of a letter.

In the process of transitioning in your career, unexpected experiences can occur. And, a counter job offer may be one of them. Should a counter job offer present itself, serious thought as to handling it must be done.

How to Respond to Counter Job Offers

Should your current employer counter-offer you to stay within their company or organization, the safest thing to do is the following. Let your current employer know you appreciate their offer; however, you have made your decision to resign from your job.

Reasons Not to Accept a Counter Job Offer

  • Often you are leaving your current employer for reasons that are not monetary. Furthermore, such as lack of growth opportunity, personality conflict, etc.
  • If your current employer only recognizes your value because another employer made you an offer. This situation will likely not change in the future.
  • You run the risk that your current employer makes an offer to keep you. Yet, your current employer looks for your replacement.
  • If you accept a counter offer, you risk that other future employers will not consider you as a Candidate. That is because you are known to have used an offer to get a salary increase in the past.


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Deb Murray

Deb Murray

I help Client Companies, primarily in the Insurance Industry, to identify, locate and attract talented Candidates to their organizations. This involves leading, and recruiting for, one of the premier Executive Search firms that specializes in Recruiting for the Insurance industry and its related operations such as Information Technology, Managed Care, and Risk Management. My goal is to help both Client Companies and Candidates find lasting and rewarding matches.

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