How to Prepare for a Job Phone Interview

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The information below is not intended to be rigid regarding how to prepare for a phone interview.  Rather, it is a set of discussions and observations based upon executive search activities conducted by Mid America Search over the past 45 plus years.  Phone interviews obviously can be approached in several ways.

The sections below are meant to have the reader think about the process at hand.  In addition, the sections are intended to set the seriousness of the process and assist in preparedness.  Quite important in the process; by all means carefully listen to the interviewer and then respond to the actual question(s) asked.

A phone interview is a critical business call and communications matter.  This document is what to expect in a job interview and job interview preparation.  It is essential to have a strong or commanding presence during the phone interview; yet also converse in a manner that demonstrates complete confidence, calmness and a projection of being fully prepared for the call.  Do not sound desperate during the call; however, avoid projecting aloofness or disinterest.  Project your voice well.  Take some deep breathes a few minutes prior to the scheduled phone interview time.  Keep good posture through the entire interview.  Avoid bad grammar, slang, as well as the use of profanity.

Adhere to the phone interview schedule.  Should the interview be scheduled, do not allow the interviewer to get your voicemail.  Contact us and/or the interviewer immediately should emergencies make it such that the interview must be rescheduled.

If the phone interview has no set schedule, we suggest the following.  Knowing the interviewer’s call, at some time, will be made; adjust your voicemail greeting assuring it is framed in a professional and mature manner.  Leave your greeting in that fashion during the entire interview/offer process.

The items below, along with the use of good common sense, are intended to be a guide for preparation.  Consider these job interview tips or how to do good in a job interview or how to succeed in a job interview.  The items are:

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