How to Handle a Job Offer

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The information below is not intended to be rigid regarding how to handle a job offer.  Rather, it is a set of discussions and observations based upon executive search activities conducted by Mid America Search over the past 45 plus years.  Handling of a job offer obviously can be approached in several ways.

This discussion is meant to have the reader think about the process at hand.  In addition, this document is intended to set the seriousness of the process and assist in preparing for how to handle a job offer.

Once you receive an offer, in whatever preferred form the Client has, and you are comfortable with, make certain all your questions are asked, and answered, in a timely manner.

Upon getting all your questions answered, weigh the pros and cons of accepting the offer.  Be certain to provide a timely decision.  Not providing a timely decision could result in the offer being rescinded.

Communicating your decision, on the offer, is vitally important.  Generally, the method of communicating your decision would be to call the Client’s appropriate representative.  Then follow-up this communication by an email.

If your decision is to accept the offer, the discussion below will assist in how to resign from a job or the best way to resign from a job.

The first step is to write a job resignation letter.  This will answer how to write a resignation letter for a job.

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