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Welcome to the How To Etc. Lists page offered by Mid America Search.  Below are provided the Titles for our current Articles and Discussions on various topics of employment and how to find a job in the insurance industry and related industries.

Since these Articles and Discussions, for the individual, pertain to how to find a new job, we trust they will be well worth the time to study.  And, should these Articles and Discussions assist you in how to find your dream job, all the better.  It, of course, goes without saying; Mid America Search certainly hopes it can assist you, as you being one of our many blue-chip Candidates, and place you, hopefully in that ideal job with one of our outstanding Clients.  In other words, we’ve not only shown you how to find your dream job; but we were there with you every step of the way, so you could take that off your “to-do-list”.

For our Clients, as well as companies and organizations we hope become our Clients, this page, and the Articles and Discussions found here are intended to greatly assist your very fine organization when the project at hand is how to hire employees.  Mid America Search, and its decades of personnel search experience, is a vast store-house of advice specifically on the dos and don’ts when it comes to: the searching-out of Candidates; the attracting of Candidates; and the ultimate Candidate acceptance of your job offer.  Competition for highly skilled, professional Candidates is fierce.  The destiny of your company could easily come down to whether you are able to timely staff a critical job.  In the last 45 years, Mid America Search has witnessed more than one solid, stable operation with incredible longevity make a wrong turn due solely to bad hiring decisions and frankly, disappear from the industry.  In short, hiring decisions are key to the ongoing success of any organization and Mid America Search is always here to help.

Thank you for visiting our How To Etc. Lists page.  Please return often since new articles will appear on how to handle job interviews, how to handle job offers, how to handle job resignations and how to handle counter offers.  In addition, other insightful discussions and articles will be upcoming on topics such as for the individuals, how to approach and conduct a successful job search.  And, for the companies, discussions and articles will be upcoming on topics such as how to approach and conduct a successful search for a Candidate. Clicking on an Article Title will open a new browser window and take you to that particular Article.  We hope your time spent here is rewarding as well as educational.  Thank you again.

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