Group Dental/Vision Actuary (ASA/FSA)

Group Dental/Vision Actuary (ASA/FSA)

This is one of the wonderful health actuary jobs.  Furthermore, in the actuarial profession, it has great potential.  That is, the job leads and executes product design and pricing.  In addition, the job does financial projections and other financial analyses.  Furthermore, it is for the Group Dental/Vision insurance area.

Job# 2826

Location:  NE

Education Requirements:  Degree preferred.

Other Requirements

As part of one of great health actuary jobs, you must meet some of the Other Requirements below.

  • Minimum Qualifications:
    • Thorough actuarial background.  In addition, a thorough background in Actuarial Science, Math, Statistics, Economics and/or Computer Science.
    • Also, seasoned knowledge of advanced actuarial assumptions and formulae.  In addition, an in-depth knowledge and understanding of actuarial and statistical sciences, economics, or computer sciences.
    • Furthermore, aptitude for statistical interpretation.  Moreover, a strong knowledge of advanced actuarial assumptions and formulae and accounting practices.
    • Attainment of ASA or FSA designation.
    • In addition, a thorough financial background.
    • Furthermore, extensive experience in the development and presentation of financial reports.
    • Also, excellent human relations and oral and written communication skills.  In addition, possess analytical and decision-making abilities, and sound judgment.
    • In conclusion, product and industry knowledge.
  • Preferred Qualifications:
    • Moreover, group experience in dental insurance and/or vision insurance.
    • In conclusion, previous management experience is preferred.

Salary Range:  ASA $115k DOE + 15% bonus FSA $145k DOE + 20% bonus


This job leads and executes product design, pricing, financial projections and other financial analyses.  It is one of the premier health actuary jobs in the actuarial profession.  Furthermore, it is for the Group Dental/Vision insurance area.  Moreover, to assure the measurement and achievement of Corporate profit and growth.  In addition, the job assures information and planning objectives are met.  Also, it coordinates resources to provide effective analytical support.  Moreover, this contributes to effective product and financial management.  Duties and responsibilities include:

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Directs and manages the development of new insurance product rates.  Furthermore, does re-rating activity.  Moreover, both to determine the impact on premiums and/or profits of various product proposals.  In addition, do both long and short-term experience studies.  Moreover, to be completed in a timely manner and providing useful results.  Develops rate assumptions and manages the development of rate scales and detailed rates.
  • Also, participates in the initial viability assessment for new product ideas and modifications, including preliminary pricing.  Reviews product specifications and estimate cost and schedule.  Consults competitive research to balance pricing/competitive issues.
  • In addition, manages the development of financial projections (preliminary and detailed).  Also, develops detailed financial projections for new and existing products.
  • Furthermore, directs financial impact assessment activities.  This is related to compliance changes and other environmental factors impacting the product or product grouping.
  • Prepares actuarial memoranda for filing with state insurance departments.

More Duties and Responsibilities

  • Also, plans and executes projects designed to meet specified product development.  As well as, pricing, projection, and financial or risk management objectives. Again, one of the great health actuary jobs.
  • Provides recommendations to management based on analysis of financial and non-financial data.  This is regarding trends and indicators of the product or product grouping.
  • In addition, analyzes experience and provides reserve recommendations for claim reserves where needed.
  • Risk Management; Identifies and assesses risk in actuarial responsibilities.  Also, complies with actuarial standards of practice, precepts and enterprise risk management responsibilities.  In addition, supports enterprise wide risk management initiatives.
  • Furthermore, develops improvements to actuarial models, methods, procedures.  Also, improves systems.  Moreover, keeps abreast of legislative and other changes to determine their effect on assumptions and formulas.
  • May have direct reports and engage in human resource management functions.  Furthermore, such as coaching, performing appraisals, and handling other HR administrative tasks.  Oversees the various health actuary jobs under one’s control. Also, may review the work of actuarial students in the execution of specific projects or tasks.
  • In conclusion, may have an opportunity to participate in recruiting college candidates for Actuarial jobs.  Furthermore, serve on Company committees in an actuarial adviser capacity. A true step up in one’s actuarial profession.

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