Communication and Engagement Manager

Communication and Engagement Manager job with excellent group! Do you have organizational experiences which have produced results in previous communications assignments of equal responsibilities? Also, a minimum of 5 years’ experience in marketing insurance products? If so, and interested in this Communication and Engagement Manager job, apply now for this Communication and Engagement Manager job by clicking on the Apply Now button above! This is Job 2899.

Primary Objective of Job

Under the direction of the Director of Risk Services, the Communication and Engagement Manager will serve as the liaison between our Client’s Association and their agents and members. The Communication and Engagement Manager leads, executes, and coordinates specific, assigned initiatives to promote and advance the mission of our Client.

Essential Functions

  • Most noteworthy, oversees member/agent/partner/vendor relations, public relations, and media relations.
  • Furthermore, develops marketing/engagement/retention strategies and tactics consistent with our Client’s strategic plan.
  • Also, writes and develops Annual Report, Quarterly Reports and other publications of our Client.
  • Oversees the development of marketing/engagement/retention plans, video production, key messages, tactical plans and execution, informational briefings, and staff/partner/vendor coordination.
  • In addition, proactively cultivates and promotes strong membership relationships and professional contacts. Analyzes the needs of members to improve membership engagement in our Client’s programs and trainings.
  • Maintains thorough knowledge of our Client’s current programs, services, and advocacy work to promote member engagement and address individual member needs.
  • Most noteworthy, lead the writing and editing of articles, publications, emails, presentations, and branded collateral for our Client’s publications.
  • Also, serve as lead writer/editor for signature marketing pieces such as the Annual Report and Quarterly Reports.
  • Preparation of our Client’s press releases, when requested.
  • Provide writing and communications support to Director of Risk Management and staff to sustain member retention and engagement.
  • Also, lead the strategic development and execution of our Client’s identity, image and messages by overseeing our Client’s member relations, publications, communications.
  • Furthermore, lead member retention efforts to develop communications and marketing/engagement/retention strategies, including logistics coordination.
  • Lead our Client’s training efforts, including sourcing and relationship management; event marketing, and logistical coordination.
  • Create scopes of work, budget, and timelines for internal and external project management.
  • Also, perform Webinar and Video production. This includes scheduling, content development, art direction, and video editing.
Collaboration with Partners:
  • Ongoing collaboration with similar jobs at fellow Associations.
Align with Outside Member Organizations:
  • Uppermost, interact with members and agents at various events that our Client sponsors.
  • Furthermore, work with partner groups; sometimes presenting and other times as a sponsor for our Client.
  • Oversee logistics for our Client’s sponsorships of partner events.
  • Represent our Client during statewide conferences, meeting with members, partners, vendors, and other agencies.
  • Also, coordinate trade show logistics, schedules, and strategic communications (including, our Client-created videos and speeches for staff, Director of Risk Management and Board members).
  • Discuss with members/agents on telephone and provide information on our Client’s products and services.

Non-Essential Functions

  • Most noteworthy, assist with our Client’s Annual Conference and Exhibit.
  • Serve on internal organizational committees as assigned.
  • Also, perform other duties as assigned.

Examples of Performance Criteria

  • Thorough knowledge our Client’s products and services.
  • Knowledge and understanding of workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Also, ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, our Client’s members and agents as well as service providers.
  • Ability to handle daily routine work along with other assigned tasks and deadlines.
  • Finally, customer service skills.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Above all, a bachelor’s degree from a university or college in marketing, public relations, communications, liberal arts, or related work experience in related disciplines is required.
  • Furthermore, evidence of organizational experiences which have produced results in previous communications assignments of equal responsibilities.
  • Also, a minimum of 5 years’ experience in marketing insurance products.
  • Public Speaking and Communications: Ability to present complex information orally and in writing to large and small groups and to individuals with a wide range of knowledge and understanding of insurance. Knowledge of social media platforms.
  • Internal and External Relationships: Ability to form strong, collaborative relationships with members, agents, staff, and other constituencies of our Client.
  • Good computer skills.
  • Finally, seeks and participates in development opportunities above and beyond any training required by duties and responsibilities.

Desired Qualifications

  • Most noteworthy, previous experience in workers’ compensation.
  • Finally, previous experience working with our Client’s market.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • None.

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