Actuarial Analyst

Actuarial Analyst job with highly rated Insurance Group! Client offers a full line of life insurance, annuity, and supplemental health products to help customers plan their financial futures. Most noteworthy, you will be joining an excellent team of actuaries who will collaborate with you on projects. Above all, our Client’s employees share the common goal to grow and build an ever stronger organization. Apply now for this exciting Actuarial Analyst job by clicking on the Apply Now button above!

Primary Responsibilities

  • Above all, perform the quarterly reserve process of taking data from multiple sources and producing reports to give to accountants, state insurance departments, and the IRS.
  • Also, manage, merge, query, and analyze large data sets.
  • Finally, organize and maintain Actuarial Department electronic filing system.


  • Most noteworthy, perform persistency and mortality studies under the direction of the actuaries.
  • Furthermore, audit various systems’ data to identify current and potential problems.
  • Prepare Quarterly Division notebooks that show management reports of the various marketing divisions.
  • Perform the quarterly reserve process alongside the actuary in charge to ensure accurate and timely delivery of reports.
  • Review and analyze large data sets: Answer questions and create visualizations.
  • Document work and work processes to enable collaborative environment.

Skills Required

  • Strong math skills; (e.g. 2 semesters college calculus).
  • Also, strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • College Graduate: Math, Data Science, Management Information Systems, or similar.
  • Financial Data Analysis and Reporting.
  • Data manipulation/mining.
  • Auditing.
  • Most noteworthy, MS Windows, MS Excel, SQL, VBA, R or Python, experience working with different file formats. Moving data from one source to another.

Other Requirements

  • At least 2 actuarial exams passed.
  • Ability to multi-task (i.e. work on multiple projects at the same time).
  • Finally, problem identifier; problem solver; organize/document to make problem solving easier next time and enhance collaboration.

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